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Our clients include small and medium-sized companies, numerous pension funds, investment and collective foundations, Swiss railway companies, non-profit organisations, charities and agencies active in the fields of advertising, graphics, PR and communication.


«Having worked with text translate for many years, we highly appreciate their flexible, reliable and professional approach. Consistently high translation quality in the Swiss national languages and the uniform use of technical terms play a particularly important role for us, and text translate can guarantee both at all times.»
Avadis Vorsorge AG, Communications Team
«text translate is a down-to-earth and reliable partner who always demonstrates flexibility and responds quickly to our individual needs and requirements. Whether a text needs to be concise and to the point or requires creative phrasing – text translate always gets it right!»
Betty Bossi, Jil Mewes, Head of Campaign Management & Sales Mix Planning
«With text translate we hit the bull’s eye! Whether specialist brochure, annual report, customer magazine or newsletter, text translate handles all our products. It’s a pleasure to work with them, and the texts are always delivered on time and at fair prices. text translate’s excellent work standard and reliability are second to none. Nothing escapes the keen eyes of their language professionals. A highly recommended company!»
Nest Sammelstiftung, Gabriela Portmann, Communications